Friday, 19 September 2008

Three Little Birds Preemie Group

Three Little Birds Preemie Group

a group build up with the goodwill , love and care of a group of knitters and crocheters , dedicated to the cause of supplying SCBU with items for the little babies you will fins us on Ravelry (

Click here for the video of some of the items that have been lovingly made for the babies so far


If you are able to help with donations of knitted items or wool etc please contact me for further information

Sunday, 15 June 2008

SOCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we had this mad notion at my Wednesday night group that we hold in the back room of our local wool shop , Stitching Time in Hamilton ( ) That we would learn to knit socks , Janice , Jennifer and I thought this would be fun . we picked our wools got our foreign looking needles and were ready to go.

Under the eagle eye of Nan we waited for our instructions ............................ luckily Nan knows us well and we were handed step by step instructions for Part 1 , well that was fun , how to cast on 60 stitches over 3 needles and knit round lol .....what a tangle but then we were off ..................

For the next week we had our homework to knit down so we would be ready to turn the heel ......... so as I couldn't put it down by the Saturday morning I had finished and was getting ratty as I couldn't do anymore ...... but I was better than Janice she was dreaming about knitting socks.

So part 2 instructions were handed out after Nan gave a small demonstration and I was off the sock addiction had got a hold of me I sat there listening to the conversation but had to keep the sock going got to the end of part " I had created the heel flap and manged to turn the heel . I was on the home straight , and my task was to knit towards the toe , luckily Nan said she would send me the final instalment by email or I think I would have gone mad ................................

Email arrived Tuesday evening and I studied it , but not enough time to do it ....argghhhhhh but luckily had a half day off work next day , came home , got all my supplies ready ( coffee and chocolate ) and proceeded to complete my first sock .... so excited that I had succeeded called Nan mins before the shop closed to tell her of my excitement.

But I had been warned about the new disease the second sock syndrome so not to be beat by this I immediately started the second sock and I hope for this to be completed today while I sit out in the sun.

Also got my next sock project all ready to start .................................... try and stop me


socks are finished

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


hi and welcome to my blog , this is my first ever blog so its fun learning all about this. I am a mum to 4 , married to a great guy Tony ( who supports me in all my knitting purchases etc lol ) , am 41 and have knitted since i was a child .